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Cancellation policy
An order may be cancelled without penalty providing you do not cancel within a 7 day window prior to shipping or picking up an item. However, should you cancel within that 7 day period then we will levy a charge equivalent to a four day rental per item. Your order cannot be cancelled after it has shipped.

Late Fees
Rentals returned late will be charged a late fee equivalent to 25% of a 7 Day Rental for each day the item is late as determined by the invoice. In the event of the rental not having been returned 7 days after the due date or if the additional fee is declined by the credit card company, the item will be considered to be stolen and the customer’s credit card will be charged for the full retail amount of the item(s). If the overdue charges above are denied by the renter’s credit card company, and the renter has not contacted The LensPal to make immediate payment of the overdue rental, the renter understands the following actions will be taken:

The Sheriff’s office will immediately be informed that you have not complied with the Florida statute 812.155 that you initialed as read prior to placing your order, which clearly states that “Failure to return rental property or equipment upon expiration of the rental period and failure to pay all amounts due (including costs for damage to the property or equipment) are prima facie evidence of intent to defraud, punishable in accordance with section 812.155, Florida Statutes”. A warrant will then be issued for your arrest and extradition to Orlando from whichever State you may be within the USA.

We may also turn the account over to our collections agency, which will immediately result in the addition of collection fees. These fees are mandatory and the collection process will continue until these fees are collected, even if the rental item(s) is returned. In all circumstances The LensPal reserves the right to pursue civil and criminal remedies in the case of unreturned or lost equipment.

Rental Agreement
Please click here to view our Equipment Lease Agreement.

Privacy policy
We value your privacy. Please view our Privacy Policy for complete details on how we use the information we collect.

Please click here to view our Disclaimer


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