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Sekonic L-758DR

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The Sekonic L-758DR DigitalMaster is the world`s first multi-function light meter that can be programmed to match and be calibrated to the sensitivity of your digital camera sensor or type of film for perfect exposure control. It offers features such as Spot/Incident measurement modes, flash or ambient measurements, flash analyzing, PocketWizard wireless triggering built-in, PLUS Exposure Profiling, Pre-Exposure warning, 14 selectable custom settings and much more. The L-758DR measures light beyond the capabilities of your camera and ensure repeatable accurate and consistent measurements. In addition, the dynamic range of a particular digital camera or film can be stored, recalled and displayed. 

Up to three different digital camera or film exposure profiles can be saved and quickly retrieved with a touch of a button. With its Pre-Exposure warning indicators and adjustable mid-tone settings, the L-758DR puts the power of digital exposure control in the palm of your hands.

Rental Package Includes: Light Meter, Lens Caps & Pouch




  • Specific profiling of sensitivity levels for exacting light readings.
  • Exposures accurate down to a tenth-of-a-stop in full-stop mode for both ambient and electronic flash light readings.
  • Built-in 1° spot meter features an adjustable diopter (-2.5 to 1.0d),.
  • 270-degrees swivel head allowing you to 'walk the set'.
  • Up to 9 readings can be stored for meter averaging and contrast
  • Incident readings of three-dimensional objects are taken using the Lumisphere.
  • Displays the combined exposure values of both flash and ambient light sources in mixed lighting scenarios
  • Dual ISO buttons allow for quick exposure referencing.
  • Indigo, backlit LCD screen
  • Selective Quad Triggering for wirelessly trigger PocketWizard-enabled flash systems


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