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Wooden Camera Blackmagic Pro Kit

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The Wooden Camera Advanced Kit for the Blackmagic Camera, combines a mini baseplate, NATO Handle, Rod clamp and 2 x15mm Rods to form a complete tripod mount rig for the Blackmagic Camera.

A top handle, also multi-threaded, attaches to the top of the cage (or you can attach it directly to the top of the camera), and a mini baseplate, with 1/4" and 3/8" tripod-mounting threads underneath it attaches to the bottom. The baseplate features a 15mm rod clamp connected to its front, and a second, identical clamp, is included with the kit for attachment to the rear. Both clamps accept 15mm rods. You can have a pair of rods extending out from the front, and another pair from the rear. Two 15mm rods, 15 inches long, are included in the kit. You can attach these rods to the front 15mm clamp and mount a follow focus and matte box onto them.

Rental Package Includes: Mini Baseplate, NATO Handle, 2x 15mm support rods and Rod Clamp




  • Mini Baseplate (BMC)
  • NATO Handle Kit (Cheese)
  • Rod Clamp
  • 15mm Rod (15") x2


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