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Nikon SB-900 AF Speedlight

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The Nikon SB-900 Speedlight is Nikon's flagship flash unit, and the most advanced in the Speedlight range. As a replacement to the SB-800, the SB-900 shares many of the same functions, but also has some innovative additions and improvements. Its automated zoom head has been expanded to cover 17mm to 200mm lenses (in 35mm/FX format), and can cover this range in just 1.2 seconds. This flash now lets you select from three light distribution patterns: Standard, Center-weighted, and Even. It will also automatically detect if it is connected to a DX or FX format camera, and adjust itself accordingly.

The SB-900 can work as a stand-alone flash, or as part of a wireless group, either in Commander mode or as a slave (remote). The i-TTL system in this flash supports Advanced Wireless Lighting and versatile functions for up to four groups of Speedlights, with 3 remote i-TTL Speedlight groups controlled through the master SB-900. i-TTL Balanced Fill-Flash flash control employs Nikon's Advanced Data Communication system. This system provides an improved method for the monitor pre-flash and wireless operation that marks an evolution in higher precision over Nikon's acclaimed D-TTL Balanced Fill-Flash control system, and forms the core of the Creative Lighting System.

Rental Package Includes: Flash unit, diffuser sets & case.



  • Nikon's Flagship Creative Lighting System Speedlight
  • Control up to 3 remote Speedlight groups and an unlimited number of compatible Speedlights
  • Streamlined controls and menus
  • FX/DX format identification
  • Expanded Auto Power Zoom Coverage from 17-200mm in FX-format
  • Choose from 3 light distribution patterns
  • User-updateable firmware with D3 and D700
  • Colored gel filter identification with D3 and D700
  • Overheat protection
  • Drip-proof mounting foot cover for enhanced moisture protection

Type: Electronic construction: Automatic Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) and series circuitry
Guide Number: 40/56(ISO 100/200, m) (131.2/183.7, ft.) (At the 35mm zoom-head position in Nikon FX-format at Normal light distribution, 20°C/68°F.)
Zoom Range: 17mm to 200mm (in FX-format)/12mm to 200mm (in DX format)
Bounce Capability: 90° or down to -11°
Swivel Capability: 180° to the left and right
Auto Settings: Flash Modes: TTL, Auto Aperture flash, Non-TTL auto flash, Distance-priority manual flash, Manual flash, Repeating flash
Flash Exposure Control Set on the Camera: Slow-sync, Red-eye reduction, Redeye reduction in slow-sync, Rear-curtain sync flash Shooting functions: Auto FP High-Speed sync, FV Lock flash
Recycle Time: Approx. 4.0 sec at full power output with 4AA Alkaline-manganese (1.5V) batteries for Approx.110 flashes
Approx. 2.3 sec at full power output with 4AA Ni-MH (2600 mAh) (rechargeable) (1.2V) batteries for Approx.190 flashes
Dimensions: (W x H x D) Approx. 78.0 × 146.0 × 118.5mm (3.0 × 5.7 × 4.7 in.)
Weight: Approx. 415g (14.6 oz.)
Notes: shooting distance Range: 0.6m to 20m (2 to 66 ft.) (varies depending on the ISO sensitivity, zoom-head position, and lens aperture in use
Flash Output Level Compensation: -3.0 to +3.0 EV in increments of 1/3 steps in the i-TTL auto flash, Auto Aperture flash modes and Distance-priority manual flash


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